Behind the Breakthrough

Dr. Mansoor Husain on breakthrough drug for diabetes and heart disease

November 24, 2020

Almost 20 years ago, a hallway conversatiokickstarted Dr. Mansoor Husain’s journey in helping create and test a new diabetes drug that reduces the risk of heart diseaseIn 2019, the award-winning physician-scientist at the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research and Peter Munk Cardiac Centre published the findings of a landmark trial proving the drug’s safety and reduction in cardiovascular-related mortalitybringing a new therapy into the fold for patients with diabetes – who are two to four times more likely to die from cardiovascular problems than those without it. 

In this episode of Behind the Breakthrough, Dr. Husain brings the listener into his lab, where he aims to understand more about the molecular mechanisms behind heart disease. He shares how a Nylon experiment in a high school chemistry class sparked his love for science and ultimately led him to medical school, and what keeps him motivated after 25 years as a scientist. 

“I believe that being in the clinic makes a better scientist, and being in the lab makes me a better doctor.” 

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